IT Management.

Laptop user

Have you got IT troubles?

If your computer, printer or WiFi has become user-(un)friendly, we can help get you and your business back up and running in no time.

We pride ourselves on being very capable tech generalists - able to assist with all sorts of technology - but below is our top-level IT offering for our fellow SMB's (Small to Medium Business):

  • 100% Australian Support based out of Bendigo, Victoria
  • Managed IT that keeps your team and business online
  • vCIO services to manage, mitigate, and add predictability to your IT
  • Vendor Management brings transparancy and efficiency for your business
  • Backup Management, if the worst happens, your business can become whole again

Cyber Security.


How secure are you?

Cybersecurity is essential for keeping devices, networks and data safe.

Data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise and we encourage all businesses to evaluate their risk and consider computer, server and network security.

Our team have a strong understanding in cyber safety and use industry standard systems to protect your business and information.

  • System Security for computers, servers, and networks that doesn't hinder productivity
  • Cloud Security for keeping your Office 365 suite of email and productivity tools safe
  • Email Security for blocking the nasty stuff before it lands in your inbox
  • Security Awareness Training keeps your team aware of threats and how to identify them

Phone Systems.


Your voicemail is full.

A business phone system will improve client satisfaction by decreasing time-to-resolution, and offers support continuity when their normal point of contact is unavailable. This will also improve your teams privacy and help respect work-life balance.

  • Cloud Phone Systems with modern features, and the reliability of the cloud
  • Phone System Management for configuring your phones and keeping them up to date
  • Call Flow Design to boost customer experience and reduce time to resolution or sale
  • Phone System Integrations to sync with your CRM or Office 365 to show caller ID

vCIO & Vendor Management.


Let's simplify services, and plan for success.

Too often we see businesses overpaying for their software and services, paying for services that they don't even require (and sometimes have never used), and paying for duplicate services due to having multiple vendors that don't care for the whole picture - just the sale.

Let's change that.

Once we've assessed your business structure, processes, requirements, and goals; we can fully manage and forecast your IT expenditure to simplify budgets and allow you to plan for success.

  • Business Process and Software Consulting for the best tool(s) and workflows for the job
  • Business IT Consulting to review and develop a report on your IT expenses, vendors, etc.
  • Risk and Cost Management to review and develop a report on your IT expenses, vendors, etc.

Not what you're looking for?

These are just our core services but, we offer a lot more!